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Bitcoin Friendly Real Estate Brokerage

We are a Digital Currency Friendly Brokerage

International buyers have massive spending power.  At Greater Property Group you can expose your property to buyers from all over the world, not just your local real estate market, through our Digital Currency program.  The process is simple and easy;  we have partnered with Digital Currency trusts that allow our sellers to accept offers on their home from anywhere in the world in any digital currency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, and then choose how they want to receive the funds - in dollars or in the digital currency.    

See:  Selling your home for Bitcoin


Bitcoin Real Estate Infographic Buy Sell Homes with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Real Estate Infographic Buy and Sell Homes with Bitcoin


Let's Talk Real Estate and Digital Currency!

Let us know your situation, any questions you might have and when you'd like to connect for a FREE, no-obligation strategy appointment.  



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